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What We Do...

We work with both home sellers and real estate agents to get the highest return for what is the largest single investment most sellers have ever made. 


It is well documented that staged homes sell faster and for higher prices than their unstaged competition. 


What exactly is staging? It’s depersonalizing, refreshing and reimagining a home’s visual appeal to draw the largest possible pool of buyers. It’s about removing distractions and establishing emotional connections that enable buyers to envision their own lives unfolding in the space. Ultimately, staging is the one tool in the home selling toolbox that actually makes money.


Let us help relieve some of the stress inherent in the sales process by creating bright, uncluttered and well-defined spaces that make buyers want to call your house "home."

About Kerry 


My creative nature revealed itself in kindergarten when I traced the letters O A K beneath the outline of a leaf which I’d painstakingly colored Crayola burnt umber—in the lines, of course. My first attempt at design came later when I furnished a home for my Barbies out of cardboard boxes “upholstered” with fabric scraps. 


Ah, if life could have stayed so uncomplicated.


At 22, I married my high school sweetheart, started a family, and embarked on a 25-year journey of relocations for my husband’s career that landed us in11 houses in eight states. Along the way, I returned to college for a writing degree, unsure then if I’d be a writer or designer. Turns out I’d be both (I drew on my experience to write about the local real estate market for a Connecticut magazine, among other topics).


Each new home was an exciting opportunity to exercise my ever-present drive to create. Once the anguish of selling was behind us, that is! Truth is, the last house we sold was no less stressful and emotional than the first because it’s nearly impossible as owner to separate your life’s memories from the asset that a house becomes when listed for sale.


As a certified home stager and seasoned mover, not only do I understand the often seemingly insurmountable

challenge that selling a home presents, I’ve lived it…


I’d love to help you minimize the emotional distress of selling your home (to the extent possible!) while ensuring you get the highest possible return. 


Cheers to new memories!

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