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Branding: the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products



In real estate sales, your brand is twofold—it’s what differentiates you the agent from all the other agents; and, it’s what sets the homes you sell apart from the rest of the market. It’s the expectation you create for your clients and customers for how you and the homes you represent consistently stand out from the competition. 


Without a well-developed brand, there’s no reason for clients not to choose the competition.We can help you craft a brand that is genuine, inspires trust and speaks to both buyers and sellers. 


At k.hubbard Designs, our secret sauce is a combination of creative skills that will help you build both aspects of your brand. Through staging, we will make your listings shine both in person and in professional photos to attract the largest buyer pool. Through words, we create marketing copy, bios, and listing descriptions that tell stories.


Interested in learning more about how we can support your business? We’d love to chat. 

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